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Our full corporate name is  Brown & Watson Company, Inc.

We issue our invoices as   Brown & Watson, Inc.  DBA: Butler Sand & Howard Sand

We are a third generation family owned and operated company


  President: Mike Watson               Vice President: Dennis Swearingen              General Manager:  Rob Eskew

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A Brief History


  •  Sept 4th, 1954 - Howard Sand Company, a rail plant, was established by Joe Brown in Howard, Ga.

  • Aug. 9th, 1958 - Butler Sand Company, a truck loading plant, was established by Lewis Watson Jr. in Butler, Ga.  Both companies supplied concrete and masonry sand for central Georgia and the greater

      Atlanta area.

  • 1977 - Brown and Watson Company Inc.  is established by Lewis Watson Jr. and second generation Harold Brown.

  • 1988 - Butler Sand Company began selling golf sand products to the golfing industry.

  • 1995 - Butler Sand Company moved from Hwy 19 to its current location on Lewis Watson Jr. Road.

  • 2011 - Howard Sand Company moved to its current location in Mauk, Ga. as a blending plant serving the West Atlanta and West Georgia markets.

  • 2018 - Butler Sand Company's 60th Anniversary!

Joe Brown
Harold "Buddy" Brown
Lewis Watson Jr.
Mike Watson
Dennis Swearingen

      Joe Brown            Harold "Buddy" Brown          Lewis Watson, Jr.                    Mike Watson                  Dennis Swearingen

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